WWE SummerSlam 2013: Winners and Losers

Who left the pay-per-view better than they went in? And who came out worse?

Loser: The Miz

Being the host of SummerSlam was always going to be a difficult ask, considering that the only previous pay-per-view host has been The Rock who was on the momentum of his huge and unexpected return to the WWE. But Miz was so nondescript that every time he appeared he had to be interrupted by Fandango. Who every single time he appeared received a much more positive reception than Miz himself.He may receive sympathy for his difficult task, but it certainly did him no favours.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes was one of the hottest superstars coming out of last month’s Money in the Bank, after emerging out of the all-heel ladder match as the fan favourite underdog, who was betrayed by his tag team partner Damien Sandow. And WWE seemed ready to leap on it and give their feud the attention it deserved. But after a week or two it took a serious back seat, and found itself lost in the shuffle. For Rhodes new face turn to maintain itself, especially with his moustache gone, he needed the win here. And he got it, completely clean. Rhodes face run continues to build.

Loser: Big E. Langston

If there was ever a superstar who needed a win at SummerSlam it was Big E. Lanston. But despite dominating the early part of the match, he found himself easily dispatched following the divas action. For some reason WWE just aren’t investing in their second ever NXT Champion, despite his clear upside and massive overness during his NXT time.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar‘s return to the WWE has seen him go 2-2, not the most impressive record for the monster he is (rightfully) billed as. So when it came to what would undeniably be the first match in a series against the considerably smaller CM Punk, he needed to win to maintain that reputation. And yes, Punk took it too him, probably more-so than either John Cena or Triple H before him, but Lesnar withstood everything and capitalised on his agent, Paul Heyman‘s interference to pick up the victory in a show stealing match that was by far the best in his current run.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Heading into SummerSlam Daniel Bryan was the hottest act in all of wrestling, but even then there was still doubt on whether WWE would invest fully in him to take the WWE Championship from the face of the company, John Cena. And there was no doubting who the STAPLES Center wanted to leave with the title. The usually partisan Los Angeles crowd were fully in support of Bryan throughout the entire match. And when Bryan actually managed to win the championship? The crowd went nuts!! If the fans were behind Bryan before the match, during the match or after his win, expect tonight’s Monday Night Raw to ramp it up to mega levels as Bryan steps into the Stone Cold Steve Austin role of anarchic rebel to the Corporation.

Winner: Randy Orton

Randy Orton‘s face run had grown stale as an act a long time ago. Despite putting on great wrestling, the fans were still losing interest due to the dull character whose most interesting storyline in recent times pitted him as the peace-keeper for a dysfunctional three-man unit to take on the undefeated Shield group. It had reached the point that even Orton himself was desperate for the turn, acting out on TV to try and force it. There were several opportunities, all of which had been expected to be taken, but none of which were. But after he won the Money in the Bank briefcase it seemed just a matter of time until he did, especially given his constant reminders to Bryan and Cena that he was looming in the background. But there could probably have been no worse way to betray the fans than what he did at SummerSlam. Taking the huge fan favourite, Daniel Bryan’s crowning glory away from him after aligning with Triple H to blind-side and screw Bryan out of the title. Now he has presumably stepped up into The Rock’s role as Corporate Champion, backed by Triple H and more than likely Vince, Stephanie, Brad Maddox and Wade Barrett, who himself could stand to be a big winner out of this scenario.

What do you think?

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